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Auto Mechanic and Auto Electrician

Sandgate Auto Electrics & Automotive Services – is an auto mechanic and auto electrician in North Brisbane, you can trust. For all vehicle repairs and services. Whether a car, truck, 4WD, Boat or Earth Moving Equipment we have the knowledge and experience.
Our  team of well-trained auto mechanics and auto electrician are waiting to solve any problem! From a broken tail light to heavy vehicle motor repairs, our technicians can help.
All our staff have a passion for cars. We are friendly and approachable.  We explain things in a way that our clients can understand, so you don’t feel overwhelmed and confused. We don’t use jargon you can’t understand and are always here to help!
Starting as a family business in North Brisbane 1973 and have recently celebrated our 50th Anniversary. We have worked with many automotive associations throughout Brisbane and Australia-wide over the years. We are an RACQ Approved Repairer, and a Preferred Repairer for some of the biggest names in the industry.
We have built a strong reputation for being honest and professional. We pride ourselves on providing quality workmanship for all our customers.
auto electrician Sandgate

We are proud that our recent 50th Anniversary Charity Event celebrated the achievement of Allan, Susan and Todd and raised over $40,000 for the Royal Flying Doctors Queensland Section.

"MOVING WITH THE TIMES" - Our Slogan, Simple & Effective

Reflecting not only our work ethic but our whole operation “Moving With The Times” covers everything from our equipment, office and waiting room facilities to our staff training and corporate image.

Our clients expect the highest standard – and we strive to ensure our facilities, equipment and staff live up to their expectations.

Our Services

RACQ Approved

Automotive Repairer (07) 3269 3158

We Work With Brands You Can Trust

Our services include:

vehicle servicing

Vehicle Servicing

Our experienced auto mechanics and auto electrician are honest and professional. Highly qualified and trained to identify, diagnose and repair any problem. Experienced in dealing with all types of vehicles including Australian, Japanese and European. These include cars, bikes, trucks, 4WDs, and boats.
We use a fully-licensed and modern workshop, equipped with the latest technology. Offering a full range of services from a minor service to a platinum vehicle service. Always ensuring your vehicle is in pristine condition.
For your peace of mind, our services include a digital form. Completed and verified by a certified auto mechanic and technician. This form is then emailed to you along with a complete range of photos of the service. Also included is a copy of the technician’s notes, for you to reference in future.
We guarantee that if we find any issues during the service or repair, we will always consult with you first. We will get your consent and approval before carrying out any extra work. Ensuring you are not left with a nasty surprise when you receive the invoice.
air conditioning


Car Air Conditioning Service Brisbane

Whether to keep cool during a harsh Aussie summer. Or to warm up on a cold chilling morning. Having a working air-conditioning, is crucial to keeping you and your family comfortable in your car.
It is highly recommended to service most air-conditioning systems once a year. This will keep them running smoothly, and efficiently. Obvious faults can be detected during a regular car service. It is still a good idea to have a full service yearly.
Our Car Air Conditioning Service is undertaken by our expert auto mechanic and auto electrician. We will perform a series of checks and balances to check the condition of the air conditioner. If any faults are detected, we undergo any necessary repairs and replacements.
After a comprehensive check of the air conditioning system, we will check filters and replace if needed. Check and adjust the tension of the drive belt. Check for leaks and when the last service was performed.
Finally, we will identify any issues before they stop your AC from working when you need it most.
charging system

Dual Battery Charging Systems

Run your extra devices. But don’t worry about the risk of flattening your ignition battery in your vehicle. Are you are a tradie who has extra lighting needs? Or you love to get away and go camping? Or need to run a fridge, we have the perfect solution for you.
When you need to run extra devices, the last thing you want to worry about is flattening your battery. Well, it’s time to stop worrying, and leave the stress behind! Our auto mechanic and auto electrician can install a new dual battery system in your vehicle. Ensuring you will never experience a flat ignition battery again!
Our experienced team will help you decide on the best dual battery charging system for your vehicle and requirements. We offer a huge range to choose from including Australia’s top providers like Redarc, at prices to suit all budgets.
egine marketing

Engine Management Systems

We have the expertise and equipment to service engine management systems. Modern cars use engine management systems for every aspect of the car’s operations. The Engine Control Unit (ECU) is a computer in your car. It responds to electrical signals sent from various sensors in the car. Which then sends commands to the engine to process.
Engine Management Systems are highly complex. Our auto mechanic and auto electricians are highly-qualified ECU experts. Your vehicle is in safe hands with our technicians.
marine repair

Marine Repairs

At Sandgate Auto Electrics and Automotive Services, we also cover all your marine electric needs. We offer a range of services to keep your electrics safe, and reliable so that you can always count on them.
Our professional, qualified and insured marine electricians carry out all electrical services. Ensuring you peace of mind that an expert is working on your marine equipment.
We service and repair anything from marine navigation, communication equipment, batteries and electronics. Alternators, autopilot systems, radar systems, inverters, pumps, watering systems, and UHF/VHF Radio.
lighting upgrade

HID & LED Lighting Upgrades

We offer extensive experience installing lighting for headlights, tail lights and more. We are the auto electrician’s to call. Whatever your requirements, our qualified auto electricians can upgrade your lighting.
LED Headlights offer the advantage over other lights. Installing this type of lighting requires no maintenance and won’t burn out. Offering you peace of mind while on the road.
HID (High Intensity Discharge) Headlights, offer a conversion kit which produces a high lighting output. Ideal for night driving as it is three times as bright as traditional headlights.
We can supply and install any off-road lighting. Whether for a 4WD or SUV we have a variety of sizes and options ranging from LED, Light Bars to Fog and Driving lights.

RACQ Approved

Automotive Repairer (07) 3269 3158

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What Our Happy Clients Say

Toby Murphy

A friend of mine recently suggested to me to have a chat with the team at Sandgate Auto Electrics, as I had a fair bit of electrical work (lights, winch, draw issues) to get done on my old 24volt 60 Series Landcruiser. So I got into contact with them and my experience, from start to finish, was a breeze.

Tony Princz

The staff were extremely friendly & helpful from start to finish, they diagnosed & fixed the air conditioner on my old Mercedes Sprinter camper-van while keeping me updated on extra work/costs that were needed.

Liam Ritchie

I recently had the pleasure of using Sandgate Auto Electrics, and I must say that their service was outstanding. From the moment I contacted them, their communication was top-notch. They genuinely care about the safety of their customers and go above and beyond to meet the needs of the customer.