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Car Repair

Are you are looking for a reliable and professional mechanic you can trust who won’t try to rip you off? Do you have a limited understanding of auto mechanics and auto electrics? Would you like things explained in simple terms you can understand?

Well, we speak your language! Sandgate Auto Electrics are an RACQ Approved and trusted mechanics since 1973. We are here to help repair your vehicle, and are located in Sandgate, North Brisbane. Sandgate Auto Electrics proudly look after clients from Brisbane to Toowoomba.

Do you have a problem with your air conditioning? What about your electric/hydraulic braking systems, or anything in between? Our well-trained and experienced technicians are able to fix any issue big or small.

We do comprehensive repairs on any vehicle. Whether you need your car, 4WD, truck, earth moving equipment, or boat repaired, we can help.

Sandgate Auto Electrics Repairs and Accessories

Sandgate Auto Electric’s comprehensive list of repairs include:


Air Conditioning Diagnostics and Repair Specialists

We perform a series of balances and checks to make sure there are no problems with your air conditioner. If we detect a problem, then we can undertake the necessary repairs. Our experienced auto mechanics can supply and fit vehicle/heavy vehicle AC compressors.

We can repair or replace the following AC parts: AC Components, AC Condensers, AC Evaporators, AC Filters, AC Desiccant Bags, AC Receiver Driers, AC Tx Valves, AC Orifice Tubes, AC Electronics, Complete AC systems.


Heavy Vehicle Auto Electrical and Air Conditioning

Our auto mechanic team have been well-trained in heavy vehicle auto electrical repairs. We also specialise in air conditioning repairs.


Engine Management Systems

We take a look at your car’s engine control unit (ECU), and check the electrical signals from sensors. This allows us to calculate the correct fuel/air mixture to be delivered to the engine, and if richer or leaner fuel mixtures are required.


Electrical Diagnostic and Repair Specialists

Our specialists are trained to diagnose and repair any electrical fault, small or large.


Electric Brakes

Our professional and qualified auto-electricians can safely repair or replace your electric brakes. We offer Electric Brake control units from all the leading brands. These include Redarc, Tekonsha, Elec Brakes, Haymen Reese, GSL, Hopkins, and ARK.


Marine Electrical Specialist

We provide electrical repairs for almost any equipment on vessels of all sizes. Whatever your marine electrical needs, we’ve got you covered.

Sandgate Auto Electrics

RACQ Approved Repairer

Sandgate Auto Electrics is a RACQ approved mechanic since 1973. We pride ourselves on being an approved auto electrician and auto mechanic who you can trust.

We also offer full repairs for the following:

Fuel Injection clean, repair and diagnostics

Diesel Chips and tune.

Earth Moving Equipment

Waeco/ Dometic, Engel, Evakool Repair Agents

Power Window Repair

Alko ESC Electronic stability control

Dexter DSC Sway Control

Batteries and Accessories

Sandgate Auto Electrics stock a huge range of batteries, accessories and systems. We stock all the top manufacturers covering all price points. No matter what type of battery you need, we have got you covered.

Batteries include: Motor Bike Batteries, 4WD Batteries, Boat Batteries, Golf Cart Batteries, Caravan Batteries, RV Batteries, Vehicle Batteries, Remote Batteries, Deep Cycle Batteries, Lithium Batteries, Calcium Batteries, AGM Batteries, and Flooded Batteries.

We also sell Battery Boxes, Dual Battery Brackets, and Dual Battery systems. As well as battery management systems from Redarc, CTek, Bainbridge, Projecta, Ironman, xantrex, enerdrive, victron energy, and electro parts.

 Contact us or visit our shop if you need expert opinion on car repairs.

Battery Charging and Inverters include:

240 Volt smart Battery Chargers for 12, 24, 36, and 48 volts, Redarc , CTek, Bainbridge, Projecta, Ironman, xantrex, enerdrive, victron energy, electro parts

12 volt to 12 volt BCDC Battery Chargers, Redarc , CTek, Bainbridge, Projecta, Ironman, xantrex, enerdrive, victron energy, electro parts

12 volt boosters, Redarc , CTek, Bainbridge, Projecta, Ironman, xantrex, enerdrive, victron energy, electro parts

24 volt to 24 volt BCDC Battery Chargers, Redarc , CTek, Bainbridge, Projecta, Ironman, xantrex, enerdrive, victron energy, electro parts

12 volt charging circuits for caravans


We provide a large range of solar repairs and carry solar products such as:

Solar Systems

Solar Regulators

Solar Accessories

Solar Panels

Smart Charge Solenoids

Dual Battery Specialists Advise and Fitment

Our team is highly qualified in offering expert advice for dual batteries, as well as professionally fitting them to your vehicle.

– All Batteries and applications, Vehicle Batteries, RV, Marine, Caravan, Golf Cart, 4WD, Deep Cycle, Calcium, AGM, Lithium, Flooded all applications.

Trailer Plugs

We carry a large range of trailer plugs to suit all trailer types, including:

7 pin round

7 pin flat

7 pin large round

12 pin Plug

12 Pin Trailer Plug circuits for caravans


We specialise in Vehicle Towing Setups, Towbar, Anti Sway, Electronic stability control, ABS and Advice

GPS Systems

Sandgate Auto Electrics carry a large range of all the leading GPS Tracking Systems, Dash Cams and Audio Visual equipment. Leading manufacturers include Polaris, Hema Maps, Advance Ice, TomTom, Garmin and Magellan.


Sandgate Auto Electrics are highly experienced installing camera systems, We offer Reverse Camera setups for Vehicles and Caravans, and installation of reverse camera systems. Brands we carry include Safety Dave, Polaris, Waeco, Axis and Revolution.


If you need a full fit out, we have you covered. Our professional staff will talk you through every step of the process.

Fit Outs include:

Caravan fitouts, electrical and charging.

Custom canopy fitouts

Mine Site Vehicle fitouts


We specialise in providing complete systems, including:

– Electric/Hydraulic Braking systems
– Exhaust Systems
– Cruise Control systems

Sandgate Auto Electrics also provides the following car repair accessories:

Anderson Plug circuits

Electric over Hydraulic Brake Control units, Alko Sensabrake, Alko IQ7, Hydrastar, Dexter

Alternators, Bosch

Starter Motors


Brakes, steering and suspension/ Airbags



Vehicle Lighting and HID/LED Head Light upgrade conversion.

Suppliers for all major accessory companies

Fleet Maintenance

Alternator and starter motor repair and replacement

Electronic Rust Protection.

UHF Radios

CPAP breathing setups

Tow Bars, Haymen Reese, Carasel, Speedy

Diesel Chips and tune upgrades, DP Chip, Uni Chip