North Brisbane’s Motor Vehicle Servicing Centre

Our Workshop Is Fully Licensed And Keeps Up To Date With The Latest Technology.

Sandgate Auto Electrics and Automotive Services is the go to place for all of your car repair and servicing needs. Whether you are looking for the best car radiator repair or your vehicle is simply due for a service, we are here to help.

We pride ourselves on providing affordable and reliable services for all cars, and our experienced, honest and professional team can diagnose and repair any problem in all Australian, Japanese and European vehicles. Located in Sandgate in North Brisbane, we look after clients from all over the south-east, from Brisbane to the Sunshine Coast to Toowoomba.

Modern cars are now built with computers operating things such as transmission, engine, brakes, lights, windows, dashboard and air conditioning. All our staff are fully trained and we have the latest equipment allowing us to accurately diagnose any issues, ensuring we carry out all necessary repairs and fixes, during your car service.

So, what services do we offer?

We offer a range of services that we can tailor to any car that comes under the category of a minor or platinum service. Our Minor Service includes a thorough check of all of your car’s basic functions. This service is a great fit for newer cars that do not require a check as thorough as older or more worn vehicles. We also offer a Platinum Vehicle Service where we check your car with the highest precision to ensure everything is in top condition.


From $175

(Dependent on vehicle type eg. 4×4 engine size and oil type)

Change engine oil & filter
Check and top up all oils and fluids
Check brakes
Check exhaust
Check transmission
Check steering and suspension
Check (external) engine belts and hoses
Check all lights
Check tyres and pressure
Check windscreen wipers and washers
Battery test and report
Safety inspection

North Brisbane’s Motor Vehicle Servicing Centre
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From $289

(Dependent on vehicle type eg. 4×4 engine size and oil type)

Pressure test cooling system
Inspect diff oil levels and colour
Test coolant
Inspect diff oil levels and colour
Inspect transmission oil levels and colour
Inspect gearbox oil levels and colour
Inspect wheel bearings for excessive movement
Inspect tyre tread, wear, punches & nails
Check brake system
Check tyre condition front
Check tyre condition rear
Check handbrake and tension
Inspect underbody for oil leaks
Check ignition system
Inspect exhaust system
Check fuel injection system
Inspect engine mounts
Inspect gear box mounts
Inspect suspension and components
Inspect steering and components
Visually inspect engine bay components
Visually inspect all engine bay hoses
Inspect/Check drive belts
Inspect CV’s or drive shafts
Check/Replace air filter
Re-grease grease nipples & Steering Stops
Test and inspect battery. Battery CCA rating
Test auxiliary battery circuit. Battery CCA rating
Test battery terminals
Visual check underbody
Check and adjust all fluid levels where needed
Remove and replace engine oil and oil filter
Check all vehicle electronics
Check interior lights
Check exterior lights
Check windscreen washers front, rear and headlamps were applicable
Check windscreen wiper blades, front, rear and headlamps were applicable
Clear service reminder light
Inspect & Lube all door hinges
Check for diagnostic trouble codes
Inspect all seats, seat mounts and seat belts
Check front rotors
Check rear rotors
Check rear drums
Check brake pads
Check brake fluid water content
Check coolant
Service sticker replaced and filled out
Check cleanliness of interior
Check cleanliness of exterior
Check cleanliness of engine bay
Test drive vehicle

Car undergoing repairs in a workshop, with the hood open for access to the engine.

All services come with a digital form filled out by a certified technician and complete range of photos of the service emailed to you.
The service also comes with a copy of the technicians notes to look over for future, should we find any other work is required we will always consult with you to get approval before undertaking any work.

Reliable And Affordable Car Service

If you’re looking for a reliable and affordable car service, look no further than Sandgate Auto Electronics. Our experienced and professional team can help you with all aspects of car servicing and repair, using the latest equipment in the industry to diagnose any issues your vehicle may have.

 Contact us or visit our shop if you need expert opinion on car servicing. We look forward to working with you!

We Provide Complete Car Servicing For All Makes And Models, Including The Following Manufacturers: