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Whether you are a tradie with extra lighting needs or just love camping or running a fridge, dual battery system are becoming hugely popular. They let you run your extra devices without the risk of flattening your ignition battery in your vehicle.

Sandgate Auto Electrics and Automotive Services can supply and install dual battery charging systems into your vehicle.

We can source the full range from Australia’s top providers such as Redarc and others.

Most vehicle alternators are not designed to fully charge your auxiliary batteries, in fact, most aren’t designed with auxiliary batteries in mind at all. REDARC’s In-vehicle Battery Charger features technology designed to charge your batteries to 100%, regardless of their type or size. By providing a unique charging profile to each specific battery type, the REDARC In-Vehicle Battery Charger is able to achieve and maintain an optimal charge in your auxiliary battery, at all times.

Why not book in to have a new dual battery system installed and leave the stress behind of flattening your battery.

How Do We Solve Those Power Problems?

There is no doubt that when we go four wheel driving these days, we love to take a whole lot of different gadgets. Gadgets that make it more comfortable, like fridges and other things that help you record those special memories like your digital cameras. But a lot of those devices, well most of them suck battery power and that does create a few problems if you relying on one starter battery. So how do we solve those power problems.

Well it’s not just as simple as fitting a second battery, although that does soul part of the problem because you increasing the capacity. But if you simply install that second battery or that auxiliary battery without any management system behind it you, could still be in the same trouble as you were beforehand. Because what will happen is when you plug in all your electrical devices, it will drain down both batteries. So your start a battery and your auxiliary battery and you won’t have enough power to start your vehicle in the morning.

The Redarc Sbi12 Dual Battery System

So if you want a system that is going to isolate that second battery. This Redarc SBI12 dual battery system actually allows you to charge your auxiliary battery while you drive. But it also protects against a flat start battery.

This system is also really quite easy to install. Although you really do want to make sure that in that installation, you’ve got a really solid battery cradle. So that’s the part that actually we holds the battery in and in place and personally I always love having a top quality second battery. Because we give it a pounding off road and we’ve used these Optima yellow tops for years and I tell you what, they’ve got a lot of bang for their buck.

They charge up quicker than your normal battery and they’re all so much more resistant to vibration. So they can take the rough and tumble of off-roading and keep on running.

Now batteries can actually get seriously damaged and not work in some off-road situations. You see if your going over some corrugations, like can really bad ones up at Cape York, or on the Canning Stock Route or something like that.

Then the elements of the battery will actually shake, come loose and short out and then your battery will be caput and won’t work. In that situation what does the dual battery system do? Because you would think well it’s been preferring to take the power of the main battery the whole time so will I be able to start your vehicle.

Well with some dual battery systems no you won’t. But with the Red Arc, you can. You simply hit a button, which switches across to that auxiliary battery and you’ll be on your way. Because provided your auxiliary battery is got enough starting power in it.

Certainly if you’re using something like an Optimum Yellow Top, you will have no problems whatsoever. You’ll be able to start your vehicle and be on your way and pick up a new battery at the next stop.

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