Suspension and Steering

Mechanic working on a car with the hood open in a repair shop

Does Your Car Pull To The Side? Does Any Little Bump In The Road Feel Huge?

If so, you need to get your suspension and steering checked.

The suspension and steering plays a key role to the stability, handling and safety of your vehicle. It is responsible for your car maintaining contact with the road at all times, that the vehicle handles well and travels around corners as it should.

Regular Checkup

A regular check and service will ensure the comfort and safety of your passengers.

A suspension and steering service consists of us examining the shock absorbers and replacing if necessary, performing a wheel alignment, flush and replace steering fluid and repairing steering problems.

This will protect and lengthen the life of your tyres and efficiency of your car.

Our highly trained and experienced auto electricians and mechanics are familiar with all types of suspension systems. We will inspect, diagnose and consult with you before fixing any issues found with your vehicles suspension system.