6 Amazing Must Visit 4WD Tracks Near The Sunshine Coast

If you want to get away from it all and keep things simple, the Sunshine Coast is the perfect place to start. It features a range of 4WD tracks which suit every skill level from novice to extreme off-roader.

Before you head off the beaten track on your big off-road adventure, here are a few general tips to follow:

  • Travel in a group if possible – If not, let someone know your exact location you plan on travelling
  • Don’t try to take on tracks which are beyond your experience level or the limits of your 4WD.
  • Always have a kit of recovery gear (including an air compressor if you plan to go n sand/beach tracks)

Now that you have peace of mind, it’s time to get into the 6 most amazing must-visit 4WD Tracks near the Sunshine Coast:

Conondale National Park

For the novice 4WDer, Conondale National Park is the perfect place to start. The main track takes you through the Conondale Range highland and features a dense rainforest with eucalyptus trees for the majority of the track. Add some shallow creek crossings and fascinating climbs and descents, and it’s the perfect way to ease into a 4WD track.

The drive by itself is rather short. But, there is a range of other activities to keep you entertained in the national park. Features such as lookout spots, bush walks, creeks, and breathtaking waterfalls make it a must-visit.

Pro Tips:

– For more robust tracks, head south towards Jimna

– After heavy rain, tracks get tougher, so be vigilant to ensure your 4WD has enough headway through increased creek levels

Compact car with a raised pop-top roof, ideal for camping adventures

Glasshouse Mountains

The Glasshouse Mountains tracks are amongst local 4WD lovers favourites, and it’s no secret why. The tracks feature gorges, rainforests, creeks, steep inclines, and a slew of red dirt. It’s easy to go off the beaten path and experience an adventure away from the nearby towns and highways.

Best of all, there is a stack of 4WD tracks to discover, ranging from novice all the way up to extreme off-roaders. Glasshouse Mountains are a popular destination with locals. It’s easy to find other 4WDers around to suggest the best tracks to take on based on your skill level.

The Big Red Track has a reputation as being the most difficult and impressive of all the Glasshouse 4WD tracks. Only the most experienced 4WDers should attempt Big Red. A well set up rig is essential – a roll cage is highly recommended for the toughest parts of the track.

With experts saying to prepare to break some of your gear on this track, it is definitely not for novice off-roaders!

Pro Tips:

– As it’s a highly popular spot, be wary and considerate of other vehicles while on the tracks

– After big rain, the tracks become dangerous and almost unnavigable. Be cautious.

Landcruiser Mountain Park

Being a popular spot amongst local 4WD enthusiasts, Landcruiser Mountain Park features over 200 kms of 4WD tracks. The tracks on this privately owned property have been designed to cater to all skill levels. They range from easy to extreme and feature hill climbs, creek crossings, and gullies. Finding a track to keep you entertained for a day has never been easier.

If you can’t explore it all within a day, there is also camping areas, hot showers and toilets on offer, which makes it perfect for a weekend trip with the boys!

Pro Tips:

– The closest town is 60km away, with the park only having basic supplies, so be sure to bring everything you need for your trip

– Permits are required. Prices and availability varying during peak periods like weekends and public holidays.

Caravan set up for camping with its pop-top roof open, parked outdoors

Great Sandy National Park (Cooloola Recreation Area)

Great Sandy is the track to choose if you love beach 4WDing. Starting with a barge jaunt across the Noosa River, it continues sensationally. To one side you have huge sand dunes, beautiful coloured sand cliffs, and luscious coastal forests. Then on the other side take in the view of 30 kms of the glistening ocean. This trip is worthwhile for the views alone!

From here you can either keep travelling up north along the beach to Double Island Point, or head inland to take in the gorgeous coastal rainforests along Freshwater Road. You can’t go wrong with either route, and both offer lots of fishing, swimming spots, and camping areas on the way.

Pro Tips:

– Cooloola Recreation Area requires a vehicle access permit that can be purchased in advance from the National Parks website.

– Be careful of soft sand during busy periods at any beach access point

– To enjoy driving on the firm sand, plan your trip around the low tide

Fraser Island

Immortalised as a paradise for beach lovers, Fraser Island also has great 4WD tracks. Accessible by driving off the ferry and onto the island, take the Manta Ray at Inskip Point – just a short 10 minutes away. There are as many 4WD options as you can imagine. These include the renowned 75 Mile Beach Highway, and a slew of beach and inland bush 4WD tracks.

Fraser Island, a world heritage site, is synonymous with great fishing spots. It also features wildlife, and spectacular freshwater lakes and sand dunes. With so much to do, it’s best to allow a few days to slow down, relax and experience the natural beauty of Fraser Island.

There are lots of camping spots to choose from around the island. If you don’t feel like roughing it in nature, there are also lots of resorts and beach houses on the island too. Fraser Island is the perfect family holiday spot.

Pro Tips:

– Sand Driving experience is definitely required before taking on the island 4WDing.

– Before driving on Fraser Island, a permit is required which can be purchased via the National Parks website.

Caravan parked outdoors with a raised pop-top roof

Bribie Island

Making the perfect spot for a 4WD day trip, Bribie Island is easily accessible via a bridge which joins to the mainland. Even though the island is well developed, there are some hidden spots if you are happy to head off the beaten track! Bribie features some of the best beach drives on pure white sand. There is also a backdrop of freshwater lagoons and amazing old World War II bunkers.

The inland 4WD tracks are perfect for exploring coastal bushland. The northern beaches provide amazing scenery, as well as some outstanding surfing locations. For anyone truly wanting an off the grid experience, the national park has some excellent remote camping spots.

For beach driving and camping, permits are required, and they can conveniently be purchased via the National Parks website.

Pro Tips:

– Recommended for 4WDers who already have sand/beach driving experience

– During busy periods, look out for soft sand around the beach entry and exit locations

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