8 Signs Your Vehicle’s Suspension System Needs Attention

Car suspension: Absorbing bumps and ensuring a smooth ride

A vehicle’s suspension system is a component of springs, tyres, tyre air, anti-sway/roll bars, shock absorbers, struts, bushings, bearings, ball  joints, linkages, steering system, and spindles that connects a vehicle to its wheels and allows motion. This is one of the most used component of a vehicle which can eventually wear out. A bad suspension results to difficulty in controlling the vehicle, preventing a smooth ride. With this, a suspension repair will be necessary.

Here are eight signs to know when your vehicle needs suspension repair:

1. Pulling to One Side When Driving & Turning

Drifting or pulling to one side while driving and turning is one of the most common signs of suspension problems. This may be due to an uneven tire wear, poor alignment, broken spring, or the shocks can no longer provide stability to the body against the centrifugal force during a turn.

2. Rough Rides

If you start to notice every bump in the road, or you feel your vehicle bounces while driving, it’s an indicator that your vehicle’s shock absorbers or struts are worn out and need replacement.

3. One Corner is Visibly Lower Than the Others

A damaged spring is usually the culprit why one corner of your vehicle sits lower than the rest while on a level ground.

4. Dipping or Nose-Diving When Stopping

When stepping on the brakes causes your vehicle to lurch forward or downward further than normal, this could mean that your shocks or struts are worn out and need immediate replacement.

5. Oily Shocks or Fluid Leaking

Take a look underneath your vehicle to check your shocks or struts. If they appear to be oily or greasy, there’s a chance that they are leaking fluid and are not working properly. Also, when you notice that your vehicle is leaving a trail of fluid when driving, this may be another symptom that your shocks are damaged and need replacement.

6. Difficulty in Steering

Another warning sign that something is wrong with your suspension is when you notice difficulty when steering, especially when you’re driving slowly. This may be caused by low power steering fluid, loose steering belt, faulty power steering pump, or worn control arm bushings.

7. Uneven Tyre Treads

When your vehicle’s tyre treads are wearing out unevenly, it could be an indicator that the suspension doesn’t have the capability to hold the car evenly. It is a sign that your suspension may be putting uneven pressure on the tyres, creating balding spots on the tread while other spots are kept intact.

8. Noticeable Bouncing

Feeling some bumps in the road as you drive is normal, and usually, you should notice the bouncing to stabilize almost immediately after you encounter the bumps. However, if you continue to notice the bouncing even after hitting a bump or pothole, your vehicle may have worn shocks or a damaged leaf spring.

Bad Suspension Should Not Be Ignored

The suspension system of our vehicle is something that we usually take for granted until it’s too late. Regular maintenance, at least once a year, is essential to ensure that you keep your vehicle’s suspension at its best condition. When you notice any of the symptoms above, don’t ignore them! They could be an indication of a failing suspension or something more serious. Have your vehicle checked right away and repair as needed.


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