Dual Battery Setup with Invicta Super Slim Lithium Battery in Brand New Ford Ranger Platinum

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In this job on a brand new Ford Ranger Platinum (that new car smell…) Andrew installs a dual battery setup, featuring the super slimline (65mm) Invicta 100Ah lithium battery along with a REDARC BCDC1240 charger.

The assembly was fitted into the rear of the cabin area behind the backseat, due to configuration of the vehicle we had to remove the subwoofer that was located in the position and relocate it under the seat and manufacture brackets to secure in place.

Invicta Super Slim 100Ah Lithium Battery as installed behind rear seat in Ford Ranger Platinum

As we move into the tray we have done a customer panel, replacing the factory setup, and this now includes the tonneau cover switch, dual USB chargers, auxiliary socket and auxillery socket powered by auxiliary battery.

In the tray we installed a 50Ah anderson plug circuit, 12V accessory outlet circuit and dual USB sockets with cabling and necessary protection to the auxiliary battery located within the auxiliary battery assembly.

Power upgrade for the new ride: Invicta Super Slim Lithium Battery in a Ford Ranger.