From Classics to Exotics to Big Rigs to Everyday Rides, We Do It All at Sandgate Auto Electrics and Automotive

We get all sorts of cars at Sandgate Auto Electrics. From classic beauties to high-performance machines and everything in between, our team are experts in keeping all types of vehicles running smoothly and adding those much-wanted upgrades.

Here’s a glimpse of the type of vehicles that roll through our doors:

  • Family cars and people movers: Keeping your family safe and comfortable on the road is our priority.
  • 4x4s, utes, and trucks: We understand the demands of off-roading, being off-grid and hauling heavy loads.
  • Sports cars, classics and luxury vehicles: We handle your prized possessions with meticulous care.
  • Even the occasional Bentley or Maserati! 

Classics Never Go Out of Style

There’s a special charm to a well-maintained classic car. Recently, a gorgeous old blue Mercedes came in for a ShuRoo (see below) installation, and a stunning red Jaguar received some TLC for its air conditioning. Cars are made different these days so these beauties sure do make you look twice these days.

Todd running through the dual battery Bentley

What’s a ShuRoo?

This innovative device emits a high-frequency sound that’s inaudible to humans but acts as a loud warning for kangaroos. It covers a range of 400 metres ahead and 50 metres on either side of your vehicle, effectively deterring kangaroos and preventing collisions.

ShuRoo fitted on the classic Mercedes

Your Vision, Our Expertise

We’re not just about repairs and maintenance! If you have customisation plans for your car, our team can offer expert advice and bring your vision to life.

Call us today and let Sandgate Auto Electrics & Automotive be your one-stop shop for all your automotive needs, no matter what your vehicle.

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