How to choose an auto mechanic?

Have you ever been running late for work and then your car won’t start? Or have you ever loaded your ute for an outback getaway to realise you’ll have to cancel your trip when you jump in the driver’s seat? Choosing the right mechanic to maintain your vehicle is crucial. As we become more reliant on cars for work, travel and exploring, we need to keep on top of our vehicle servicing. So, how do you find the right mechanic? Take a look at our top tips below.

Types of Mechanic Services

The main types of mechanic services are:

  • New car dealers
  • Independent operators
  • Sub-component specialists
  • Mobile workshops

So, what do each of these mechanics offer? New car dealers offer full services and usually use only genuine parts for your car. This option is generally more expensive. However, these mechanics are specialised and can diagnose issues quickly and accurately. Independent operators offer services to a wide range of vehicles. They can be a less expensive option. These mechanics can usually complete servicing that doesn’t impact your car warranty.

Sub-component specialists specialise in certain aspects of vehicle servicing. This can include gearbox repairs and auto electrical issues. If you know there is a specific issue with your car, this is  the best option. Mobile workshops act as the most convenient way for vehicle servicing. As they are mobile, they can come to you and fix any issues with your vehicle. This is handy if you break down at home, work or on the go.

Don’t Jump in With a Big Service

It is always best to find your go-to mechanic before you are facing a major problem. If you have no issues with your car now, why not book in for a scheduled maintenance task? This could be an oil change or a tyre rotation. This way, you can check out your new mechanic’s skills, professionalism and quality while they’re in the workshop and help you get a better understanding of their prices. If you have to go to a new mechanic for a big repair, we recommend asking as many questions as you can. This will help you feel more comfortable and give you peace of mind that your vehicle is in safe hands and at a reasonable price. This should also show that your mechanic knows what the issue is and how to fix it.

What Questions Should You Ask When Choosing a Mechanic?

Before you jump in for your service, it is important to make sure you’re asking the right questions. Although a mechanic may offer a great rate, there are still some extra things that are worth checking. Take a look at our suggestions below that will make you feel more confident with your new mechanic.

What Are Your Accreditations?

Formal mechanics must have a qualification. This can include a TAFE certificate or a formal apprenticeship. Another thing to check is if they belong to a motor industry association. This is no guarantee of quality, but it does help determine if the mechanic is qualified to do the job. It’s worth asking the question if there are no recent certifications displayed on the office wall.

What Are Your Warranties and Guarantees?

It is within your rights to choose exactly which mechanic services your vehicle. As long as they use genuine or equivalent parts, you can pick your mechanic. However, if your vehicle is covered under warranty, that’s a different story. Warranty servicing must be completed by the dealership’s mechanic or an authorised mechanic. Make sure you ask about your new mechanic’s warranties and guarantees. They may offer a few sweet deals or be able to cover your warranty servicing as an authorised mechanic.

What Brands and Models Do You Service?

4x4s, family sedans and everything in between will have different servicing needs. When choosing your mechanic, make sure you check what experience they have. If you have a heavy vehicle or commercial car, you may want to find a specialist who focuses on your type of vehicle.

It is also important to check if your mechanic is familiar with the brand and model of your car. Some brands may have similar issues across all their models, which can be useful if you need to take your car in. If your mechanic is familiar with the brand, they may fix the issue quicker and save you money in labour costs.

Check Out the Workshop Before You Book in

The standard of the workshop could be an indicator of the service quality. If you’ve found a mechanic that you like the sound of, why not check out the workshop before you book in for a service? If it looks disorganised and messy, you may find that they aren’t able to deliver on time. Maybe they aren’t able to take the best care of your vehicle. If you take a look and the workshop is clean and tidy, it will give you confidence that you’re dealing with someone that takes care and pride in their space. It could also be they don’t have any work and so spend all their time organising themselves. You will know if this is the case by the number of vehicles being serviced in the workshop.

Do Your Homework

However you find your mechanic, make sure you do your homework and ask the right questions. Take a look at their website and reviews online to see what other people are saying. You can also find out how long they’ve been in the business, what their operating hours are and look at their social media for recent jobs. Your online research will help you compare mechanics quickly and easily before making contact.

Reliable Mechanics in South East Queensland

Sandgate Auto Electrics has a team of mechanics who can solve any problem. From log book servicing, insurance repairs and advice, we can help.  We are an RACQ approved repairer with a nationally recognised warranty. We are an approved auto electrician and mechanic that locals have trusted for over 50 years.

Not only do we service premium brands, but we also pride ourselves on being affordable. We use the latest computer technology to reliably diagnose and fix any issues. We are located in Sandgate, North Brisbane, and we look after clients from  Brisbane right through to the Sunshine Coast and Toowoomba. Contact us on (07) 3269 3158 or via our contact page for a free quote or to book a service.