Introducing Lochie & Kaylah from Wish You Were Here Australia

A massive welcome to Lochie and Kaylah from Wish You Were Here Australia who will be sharing their experiences with us throughout the year.

Lochie and Kaylah have been travelling Australia for 2.5 years in their troopy so they have learnt a few things in that time! (See at the end of this video a quick tour of ‘Bessie’ the troopy!).

Next stop for them all is Tassie so we can’t wait to hear your tips (and challenges) and of course to see some beautiful scenery as they are talented photographers and videographers as well!!

PS Here is a fly on the wall video of the work we completed with Lochie and Kaylah with James.

Get to know Lochie and Kaylah in this Q&A session where we ask:

  • Where are you guys from?
  • Was there a particular time when you decided to travel?
  • How long have you been on the road?
  • Tell us about your vehicle (Bessie).
  • What are some of your favourite destinations?

Stay tuned for part 2 of our Q&A session coming soon!

  • What do you miss most about home?
  • Top tip?
  • Best car mod?
  • Top relationship tips?

You can follow Lochie and Kaylah on Instagram