Redarc Tow-Pro Elite Brake Controller

When it comes to the safety of your family and vehicle, you want an electric brake controller you can trust. Redarc manufactures Australia’s most popular and trustworthy electric brake controller, the Tow-Pro.

The Tow-Pro Elite Brake Controller (Model EBRH-ACCV2) is widely considered the best brake controller currently on the market. It is designed for most common uses for trailer braking.

It is easy to install and operate, and also uses very little dash space.

What sets the Tow-Pro Elite apart is that it provides two different types of brake modes at just the turn of a dial:

  • ‘Proportional Mode’ (inertia sensing) which is for normal highway conditions.
  • ‘User Controlled Mode’ which is for harsher off-road conditions
Redarc Brake Controller Features

The Redarc Tow-Pro Elite brake controller offers many features, which include:

  • Automatic braking mode (inertia sensing)
  • Active Calibration – continuously monitors the direction which you travel. It can calibrate without a trailer attached, and mount in any position.
  • User controlled braking mode
  • A Dash mounted control knob (which meets AD21 safety standards)
  • Suitable for both 12v and 24v systems
  • Can operate both electric and electric/hydraulic brakes
  • Approved for and compliant with the Dexter Sway Control System and AL-KO ESC
  • You can install the main unit out of sight, maintaining a factory finished look
  • Australian Made and Designed
  • An unrivalled level of towing safety
How To Use The Redarc Brake Controller

Do you plan to cruise down the freeway or head off the beaten track? It’s essential to be able to control your vehicle while you are towing your rig.

An electric brake controller helps to make sure you don’t end up in a tough or dangerous situation due to caravan swaying which may put you or your rig at risk.

Watch the official Redarc video for more information on how to use the Redarc Brake controller.


Fitting The Redarc Brake Controller

The Tow-Pro Elite should be fitted on the inside of your vehicle’s cabin. You can use M4 screws, or any other secure method using the provided mounting points.

A huge benefit of the Tow-Pro Elite is that you can mount it in any orientation. You need to ensure that the main unit is secure and is in a fixed location. Also, ensure that it can’t move or change it’s orientation after the installation is complete.

If the unit does change its orientation, then this will impact the system calibration.

A warning: It’s essential to fit the Tow-Pro in a fixed location. Otherwise, it will result in inaccurate braking force measurements. These measurements will cause incorrect trailer braking.

You also need to make sure to install the Tow-Pro inside the cabin of your vehicle.

If you leave it outside, environmental conditions such as any of the following may cause damage to the unit’s circuitry:

  • Engine heat
  • Salt spray
  • Humidity
  • Submersion in water

If the unit gets damaged, it may lead to erratic trailer braking.

Redarc Brake Controller Calibration

The Redarc Tow-Pro Elite features Active Calibration which allows it to calibrate itself as soon as you begin driving. This means you do not need to calibrate the unit initially when you install it. It can even calibrate without having a trailer attached.

The following video demonstrates how active calibration works on the Tow-Pro Elite.

It’s recommended to read the Redarc brake controller manual when you first buy the Tow-Pro Elite. The manual provides easy to follow step-by-step instructions. It also is a quick reference for any future problems.

  • The active calibration works while you are driving with the trailer connected.
  • The LED indicator flashes blue and green.
  • It calibrates while you brake
  • Every single time you brake, the unit measures and records the direction you travel.
  • As the unit calibrates, the blue flash gets longer, until it has determined your direction of travel.

While driving, the LED will remain a solid blue colour, and when you apply the brake, it will turn red.

The Redarc Brake Controller manual is available on the Redarc website as a PDF.

How To Wire The Redarc Brake Controller

If you are handy with tools, then you can wire and install the brake controller yourself, by following the wiring diagram and installation instruction video.Redarc Brake Controller Wiring Diagram

The wiring diagrams for both 12v and 24v input are below.

For more information, be sure to watch Redarc Electronics Active Calibration Guide.

Redarc brake controller manual

The wiring diagrams are available in the Redarc Tow-Pro Elite manual on page 7.

Redarc Brake Controller Installation

Do you want to install the Redarc Tow-Pro elite brake controller DIY? For instructions, watch the following video. It uses a Nissan Patrol Y62 to demonstrate, but you can follow along with any vehicle.

Redarc Brake Controller Lights

The Redarc Tow-Pro Elite uses different colour lights to display the normal operation of the unit.

If you adjust the remote head control knob or press the manual override, then the LEDs will glow at full brightness. But, after you release the knob, the LED brightness will be reduced.

This design allows the lights not to be as invasive and affect the vision of a driver at night.

Redarc Brake Controller Flashing

The Redarc brake controller uses colour and flashing lights to show the mode and fault condition based on different LED indicator sequences.

There are two different modes which are indicated with different colours and flash sequences. They are Mode1 and Fault condition.

The regular modes are as below:

Fault Codes

What if there is a problem with the vehicle and trailer brake wiring? Well, you can rest assured that the Tow-Pro’s advanced diagnostics will detect the problem. They will also send a colour coded flash pattern on the LED.

It’s quite common for a fault to be nothing more than a dirty trailer socket causing a poor connection. But, you should not ignore a fault indicator warning!

While it may only be a minor problem and not seem important. If left unattended over time, wiring faults can lead to the deterioration or even loss of braking for your trailer.

For the full list of Fault Codes refer to the official Redarc guide. It includes the possible faults, as well as their flash patterns and the cause of the fault. It also suggests a course of action.

If there is an intermittent fault, it will also be detected and indicated. It will remain until you have cleared the warning. Most fault codes can be easily cleared. Just unplug the trailer for about 1 minute, then reconnect it.

Redarc Brake Controller Problems

There are some common Redarc brake controller problems. They usually are a result of installation mistakes. Luckily, you can easily avoid/fix them.

The most common brake controller problems include:

  • Brake signal pickup
  • Unsecured or loose mounting
  • Power supplied via a relay
  • The dashboard is too thick
  • Having inadequate wiring or connectors

For more information about these possible problems, check out the Redarc guide to 5 common brake controller installation mistakes and how to avoid them.

Redarc Brake Controller Maintenance

It’s crucial to make sure that your Redarc brake controller is functioning correctly. As well as that is has been installed properly.

If there is a fault, or incorrect installation it may lead to erratic behaviour with your vehicle or trailer. This can potentially lead to an accident.

Are you handy with tools? If not, then it is essential that you have a qualified auto-electrician install and maintain your braking system.

Every time you attach your trailer, you should check the brakes at low speeds.

After Installation Check (To Be Performed by a Qualified Auto-Electrician)
– Test the installation and vehicle wiring

The best way to test your vehicle is to connect a test light to the brake output. Then push the manual override. Next, have someone check the test lamp and the vehicle brake lights have both lit up.

Before Trip Check

Before you leave on each trip, spend a few minutes to make sure your brake controller is working correctly.

Each time you connect your caravan, you should check the following:

  • Make sure the correct brake lights are being displayed for both your vehicle and trailer
  • Check the setting and operation of the electric brake controller
  • Check the trailer brakes work correctly
  • Make sure that the breakaway system is working correctly, and the battery for the breakaway has been charged (if applicable)
  • Check that the safety chains, tow hitch, and weight distribution systems have been correctly set up.
Professional Installation and Servicing

You should have a qualified technician check your trailer system to make sure it is working correctly. It’s recommended to have it checked at the beginning of each holiday season.

It will also give you peace of mind that the towing systems are safe while you have your family on board.

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