Time to take the Toy Hauler Caravan Off Grid

Unleash your inner explorer with a toy hauler caravan. Freedom awaits off the grid!

The owner of this Austar Toy Hauler was looking to beef up the solar and battery system for off grid touring so it was time to call the team at Sandgate Auto Electrics and Automotive.

After consultation with the client the team went to work with the following tasks completed:

  • Supply and install solar panels x 4, including a 420W Solar Panel along the front slope spanning from either side and front to rear, an 225W Solar Panel will be fitted side to side in front of the Roof Top AC and the additional 2 x 160W solar Panels will be located along the kerb & roadside. 965W in total! 
  • Supply and install 2 x new Victron Smartsolar Mppt 100/50 Solar Regulators 
  • Supply and install inverter/charger assembly 
  • Supply and install 2 x 280AH batteries 
  • Supply and install Victron 30 amp DC-DC charger 
  • Supply and install Anderson plug circuit 
  • Supply and install Victron Smart Shunt Battery Management Gauge
  • Installation of external kerbside speaker to caravan
  • Supply and install additional awning light in between rear window and entry door light on kerbside

So now the toy hauler caravan is loaded up with 560AH of lithium batteries and 965W of solar coupled with some other upgrades to give the owner plenty of power for off grid touring. 

If you are keen to get your toy hauler caravan off grid and increase your independence contact the team at Sandgate Auto Electrics and Automotive for more information. 

☎️ 07 3269 3158
📍113 Connaught Street, Sandgate
✉️ mail@sandgateautoelectrics.com.au


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Interior of toy hauler caravan showing a solar battery for off-grid power storage
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