Tow Trailer with Any Vehicle: ElecBrakes

Today if you want to tow a trailer with electric brakes you need an electric brake controller fit to your car. This means that the car with a controller must be used each time the trailer needs to be towed or moved. What a pain! If you wanted to tow the trailer with another car, you now need to install a second brake controller; and another and another.

Are you in the hire business? Imagine any hirer with the right vehicle being able to use your services. Do you have a trailer that you and your team use for business? Are the young apprentices always having to use the bosses nice new car to tow the trailer? Not anymore!

Do you have horses? Imagine being able to tow the horse float with any motor vehicle. This section is how to install and setup. ElecBrakes is a wireless electric brake controller fitted to your trailer, not your car. Having and an ElecBrakes unit will allow any vehicle with a correct towing capacity to tow the trailer the unit is attached to. Everything you need to attach the ElecBrakes unit to the trailer is in the box. Simply attach the unit to the drawbar of the trailer wire the electrical wires coming from the Elecbrakes unit directly into the wiring harness of the trailer. Download the ElecBrakes app and follow the instructions to calibrate the phone to the ElecBrakes unit on the trailer.

If you want to know more about ElecBrakes, click here to download the Brochure and Installation Guide here. Sandgate Auto Electrics are always ready to help you prepare and stay safe on the roads. You can either call us today on (07) 3269 3158 or stop in at our workshop on 113 Connaught Street Sandgate QLD 4017.

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