Toyota Hilux Upgrade: Premium Head Unit and Easy Access Step

Upgraded Toyota Hilux interior with a premium head unit for enhanced entertainment and an easy access step for comfortable entry and exit

Sandgate Auto Electrics & Automotive recently transformed a 2013 Toyota Hilux, enhancing both infotainment and functionality. Let’s explore the upgrades performed by our skilled technicians.

Premium Infotainment with the Polaris N70Maxx

The Hilux received a significant upgrade to its infotainment system with the installation of the feature-rich Polaris N70Maxx head unit. This impressive 9-inch unit boasts seamless integration with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, ensuring a familiar and intuitive user experience.

For added convenience and safety, a high-resolution reverse camera was expertly installed. This camera provides a clear view of the rear surroundings, making parking manoeuvres a breeze.

Enhanced Functionality with ARB Rear Step

The Hilux’s functionality received a boost with the installation of a customer-supplied ARB rear step. 

Unboxing Toyota Hilux Head Unit Upgrade

Unboxing the head unit

Unboxing a new premium head unit for a Toyota Hilux upgrade

Unboxing the head unit

Installation Steps for the Rear Step
  • Removal of the existing tow bar and its mounting brackets.
  • Precise installation of a checker plate onto the ARB rear step, as per customer request.
  • Adherence to the manufacturer’s instructions for secure mounting of the ARB rear step to the vehicle.
  • Meticulous torquing of all bolts to meet the specified standards.
  • Installation and wiring of the 7-pin round trailer plug.
  • Verification of the trailer plug’s functionality.
Upgraded Toyota Hilux interior with a premium head unit for enhanced entertainment and an easy access step for comfortable entry and exit

Reversing camera view

Toyota Hilux upgrade: Reversing camera view for improved safety

The Polaris N70Maxx installed in the Hilux

Installation Process
  • Careful removal of the existing radio surround trim and factory head unit.
  • Meticulous transfer of the air conditioning controls, switch, and hazard light switch to the new Polaris unit’s surround.
  • Secure connection of all necessary harnesses to the factory connectors.
  • Strategic routing of the reverse camera cable from the head unit to the rear of the vehicle.
  • Discreet placement of the Bluetooth microphone and GPS antenna for optimal performance.
  • Installation of two USB cables within the glove box, offering convenient charging and data connectivity.
  • Secure mounting of the Polaris head unit within the dashboard.
  • Calibration of steering wheel controls, time, date, and radio stations.
  • Thorough testing of the head unit and reverse camera functionalities.
Vehicle nerf bar for enhanced accessibility, aiding entry and exit

ARB rear step ready for installation

Toyota Hilux with convenient side step for easier entry and exit

ARB rear step installed

There you have it. A couple of big upgrades for the 10 year old Hilux that will make life easier and more entertaining for the owner! 

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