Why Redback Exhaust Systems Are a Hot Product?

In 2012, the Redback Extreme Duty Project set out to improve the durability of the bolt-on 4WD exhaust system. The result is the Redback Exhaust System, a re-engineering of the original system which takes into account aftermarket accessories like long range fuel tanks, side steps, and other accessories. By installing these accessories before development, fitment issues have become a thing of the past.

When choosing a new muffler, the sound of high performance can vary, but the ideal muffler will offer the right noise to back up your vehicle’s performance and appearance. The muffler is all about noise reduction, and once internal combustion takes place, the engine expels exhaust gasses in the form of high-pressure pulses that create powerful sound waves. How much of the sound you, and your neighbours hear is up to you and your chosen muffler.

The pros of a Redback Exhaust System

The Redback Exhaust System uses 10mm-thick, four-bolt flange plates with tube-to-tube connections, so you have the most robust system and low-risk of gasket failure.

The system also includes straight-through performance mufflers that feature an internally reinforced bulkhead meaning that no matter how intense your off-road journey gets, the system can handle it.

The muffler has a pressed tube support bracket on the body through to the pipework which strengthens the weld points making them near unbreakable, thanks to the doubled-wrapped hanger mount. The goal here, which the Redback Exhaust System achieves, is something more stringent than any terrain your 4WD can handle.

The oxygen sensor

Redback Exhaust Systems feature an oxygen sensor and an NPT bung making the installation of tuning equipment and an EGT probe much simpler and more effective. A comprehensive installation kit comes with every system and includes:

  • OEM gaskets
  • Rubber isolators
  • Custom Australian-made gaskets
  • German-made Wurth hardware
  • A service kit
  • A stainless 304 exhaust tip

You also have kit options of Pipe Only, First Flange Back, Muffler Only or Cat/Muffler, all modular meaning that bolt-on part replacement is no issue.

The main features

  • Modular components: Interchangeable muffler components along with the choice between the straight, pipe, round resonator or large muffler, all of which can be swapped after the exhaust has been fitted with ease.

The options are:

  1. Turbo back with large muffler best for highway driving

Back Pressure: 4kPa  Noise Level: 87dB

2. Turbo back no muffler best for shorter trips with no towing

Back Pressure: 4kPa  Noise Level: 97dB

  • 4 bolt/10mm flanges: the 10mm thick, 4-bolt laser cut flange plate with a though-pipe connection between joins to prevent leakage
  • Internal bulkhead mufflers: A heavy duty muffler reinforced with custom tooling, pressed tube support brackets and internal muffler body bulkheads to prevent damage from external elements
  • Redback hangers and brackets: Double Wrapped Hangers are custom tooled and modeled on O.E specs to provide strength and support
  • Mandrel bent tube: Australian made, mandrel bent aluminised steel which is thick, strong and durable
  • Fitting Kit: A comprehensive fitting kit, custom tooled, reinforced fire ringed gaskets available when you register your purchase

Exhaust system options

When purchasing an exhaust system it is essential to know there are more options than just loud and less loud. Buying a custom system is best decided by size, not only of the exhaust system but of your vehicle, engines and performance needs.

Before purchasing a new system, familiarise yourself with the following elements of muffler design and their purpose:


The megaflow design provides maximum flow while absorbing a significant amount of sound. Therefore classed as an absorption muffler, they are best for high-performance applications. The void within the muffler is glass-packed with a fibreglass material to soak up the sound creating a minimal impact on exhaust gas flow, increasing the performance of your vehicle. So if you have a high-performance vehicle, this system offers the best flow for the most power with a small amount of noise.


Chambered mufflers are designed to maintain gas flow with a deflection method that means the sound is deflected against itself, cancelling itself out. The sound waves collide with each other, but also create a deeper exhaust note due to less packing inside the muffler. This makes the chambered muffler better for everyday performance with a mid-range compromise between sound and performance.

Triple Flow

Also known as Tri-Flow or Turbo flow, this design reduces the noise of the exhaust system, while also restricting exhaust gas flow. This design creates a greater distance between the sound waves meaning it will be much quieter than other muffler options and is most common in standard vehicles.


This design uses the absorption method but can add additional sound control depending on where it is placed on your vehicle. If for example, your vehicle is too loud, the resonator removes the drone controlling the tone where your muffler controls the volume.

About Redback Performance Exhausts

Redback Performance Exhausts are Australian made and produced and have been for over 20 years. Their goal is to increase the performance of a vehicle as well as improving the exhaust note and fuel economy. They offer a range of products from exhaust tips to mufflers.

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