2023 Nissan Patrol Y62: Ready to Haul with a Safe and Secure Tow Setup

Powerhouse towing: 2023 Nissan Patrol Y62 tackles tough hauls with confidence.

Here at Sandgate Auto Electrics and Automotive, we make your towing experience safe and enjoyable with the right equipment and installations.

In this blog, we’ll showcase our recently completed work on a client’s new Patrol Y62 (with only 1,300km on the clock!) to transform it into a towing machine.

The Essential: Electric Brake Controller

Safety First: An electric brake controller is vital for safe towing. It acts as the brain between your car and the trailer’s brakes. When you apply the brakes, the controller sends a signal to the trailer brakes, ensuring they engage and slow the trailer down in sync with your car. This helps prevent trailer sway, a dangerous situation that can lead to loss of control.

Our Installation:

REDARC Tow-Pro Elite V3: We installed the renowned REDARC Tow-Pro Elite V3 electric brake controller. This model offers features like proportional braking for a smooth stopping experience and a user-controlled mode for off-road situations.

Expert Wiring and Mounting: Our auto electricians ensured the controller was wired securely using twin wire and protected with a circuit breaker. The controller box was mounted in a safe and convenient location behind the dash, with the control knob easily accessible on the right side of the steering wheel (see image).

Ready to Tow with Confidence?

If you’re looking to equip your vehicle for safe and convenient towing, look no further than Sandgate Auto Electrics and Automotive.  Our team can provide expert advice and installation of electric brake controllers, Anderson plug circuits, and other towing essentials.

If you are interested in installing an electric brake controller in your vehicle give the team at Sandgate Auto Electrics and Automotive a call.

Get hitched to adventure: 2023 Nissan Patrol Y62 - Ready to haul your gear.

REDARC tow pro elite V3 electric brake as installed

2023 Nissan Patrol Y62: Max towing capacity with a safe and secure hitch.

Brake Controller Control Knob located on right of steering wheel